In Memoriam Joop Prosée

29 May 1945 - 20 December 2008

This page is to remember the life of Johan 'Joop' Prosée, in particular as seen from the perspective
of his many friends from the world of long-distance radio and TV reception, which we like to abbreviate to "Dx"

Joop studied at the Highschool for Seafarers in Amsterdam, graduating in 1966, which qualified him to serve at sea as a technical officer. This work took him to North and South America, allowing him to learn several languages, and this served him well when he started as a dx-er. This happend in 1975 when he left the seas to become a steam turbine mechanic at the provincial power station.
Living in Spanbroek in the province of Noord-Holland proved to be ideal for VHF, and soon Joop had published several designs for antennas for the VHF bands, keen to share the knowledge he had developed through his own observations and studies. He described himself as an auto-didact, being his own best teacher. In fact he came from a line of schoolteachers, and was never afraid to point out any errors in popular belief about the technical side of the hobby. Those who got to know him soon realised this was done out of a simple love for the hobby and for all those who wanted to learn about it. He would never offer a point of view without being completely certain of his facts.
As the world of radio and TV evolved, Joop was always keen to remain at the front of the technology, and was an early advocate of such techniques as measuring carrier frequency offsets at VHF, and log-periodic antenna design. He became a member and editor of "Antenna-Technics" for the UKWTV-ArbeitsKreis, the German group for VHF and UHF Dx, and was well known at meetings and Dx-camps for enthusiasts.

Apart from this technical hobby, Joop had enthusiasms at a comparable level for music, photography, architecture and interior design

Joop leaves his wife and sweetheart from youth, Miep, and their two sons Egbert and Ewout, the family which had been his pride and joy.

Julian Hardstone, 29 December 2008

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