SOME NOTES on the Kchibo D96L portable DSP radio



button functions

The Kchibo D96L is a small radio using digital signal processing in the IF section for bandpass filtering and demodulation. It is ideal for travelling

It uses LiOn batts which gives about 5hrs of use but you need to carry a spare battery (supplied) or charger when travelling. The recommended charge time for a fully-discharged battery is 3 hours, and the battery should be removed if operating the radio continuously from the charger

A direct entry button allows keyboard entry within the selected frequency range, the steps are coarse with the buttons, coarse or fine with jog dial, and the jog dial changes to volume after use of the volume buttons. All selectable functions revert after about 2 sec of inaction. The jog dial can be locked by a short press on the 'lock' button, and all functions are locked by a long press

A direct entry button allows keyboard entry within the selected frequency range

FM performance is superb, with good sensitivity, excellent selectivity, good clean stereo, a big clear freq display and direct frequency entry. Signal level is shown for about 2 sec after tuning or with the signal level button. There is no ext ae input available on FM
Coverage extends from 64 to 108MHz (continuous) in 50 or 100kHz steps, but the default operation is in the range 87 to 108MHz. For full operation in the OIRT band (65-74MHz) it is necessary to select the full 64-108MHz tuning range with the Settings + Signal Level button: with the radio OFF, hold this button for >5 seconds until the settings menu is displayed, and scroll through the manu with the Toggle Settings button, in the sequence ROM - STEP - RANGE - FM-SNR - AM-SNR; return to the Settings + Signal Level button to change the settings. 'STEP' sets 9 or 10kHz steps for MW tuning, 'RANGE' sets the FM tuning range, 'SNR' sets the squech sensitivity for auto-tuning
With 50kHz tuning steps the bandwidth will allow reception of frequencies within about 25kHz of the steps which is adequate for the 30kHz channel steps on the OIRT band
On FM it is possible to select between 75/50s de-emphasis for compatibility with the American (75s) or 'rest of world' (50s) systems. On AM you can select 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6kHz bandwidth

MW performance is quite good but a bit noisy. There is considerable qrn from the display for about 4 sec after any change in operation. Coverage is 522 - 1710 1/9/10kHz. There is no LW

SW operation is almost unusable, hopeless on the whip antenna, yet totally overloaded with an external one. Pity, since the coverage is good, 2.30 - 21.85MHz in 1kHz steps, AM only

Memory operation is simple, with a button for memory >9 entry and memory vs frequency tuning

The display includes a clock and alarm, and shows the battery condition. The Set Alarm button toggles the alarm on/off and also toggles the setting function of the Set Time button

Accessories include stereo earphones, wire throw-out antenna, battery charger and spare battery. Some models may have a USB lead for charging from a computer. The tune buttons also provide a 'scan' and a separate button gives an auto scan + store function


The D96L is no longer available, and the Kchibo website seems to be closed



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