A tribute to Joop Prosée, late of Spanbroek in Holland

Hede Nielsen Arena T2600 & T2700 tuner-amplifier

Schematic for the amplifier section of the Armstrong A621, A625, A626 Receivers

Service manual for the Electra Bearcat BC-220 - an early (1979) synthesiser VHF/UHF scanning receiver (note the 10.8MHz IF)
For repair tips on this and other Electra Bearcat scanners, see the Bearcat page

A Crossed Yagi - constructing a crossed Yagi aerial for receiving vertical and horizontal polarisation on Band II

DE-1103 - Some notes on the Degen DE-1103 & Kaito KT-1103 portable HF & Band II Receivers

FRG-7 - Procedure for replacing dial bulbs in the Yaesu FRG-7. See also SN76514 Device datasheet

FRG-7 - Tuning knob images

Kchibo - Brief notes on the Kchibo D96L portable AM/FM Receiver

Kenwood KT-6040 AM/FM Tuner used as a receiver for FM-DX

A solution for the Kenwood KT-6040 rotary encoder problem

NAD 701 - some notes on servicing the NAD 701 AM/FM Stereo Receiver

Reducing Local Noise - my suggestions for reducing interference to LF & MF Reception

OIRT - AN OIRT TUNER made from an old Band II FM tuner

Roberts R983 A few files about this AM/FM portable radio

SRF-59 etc - Technical details of the new-generation Sony 'Walkman' radios, such as the SRF-59

Schematics for the Sony ST-SB920 tuner

The Sony XDR-S100CD DAB/FM Receiver & CD player reviewed from an enthusiast's perspective

The Sony ST-SB920 Tuner as a dx receiver

Skywaves links

A link to Jürgen Bartels' Dx Info: an excellent resource for information about LW, MW, VHF-FM radio and VHF-UHF TV long-distance reception


Siemens D2006 - some notes on the Siemens D2006 Pegelmesser and W2006 Pegelsender

Siemens 3 D 332a - Siemens Pegelmesser part N° Rel 3 D 332a and b

Telequipment - some notes on the Telequipment D61 & D61A oscilloscopes

Ortec-Brookdeal 9452 - service manual for the 9452 Precision AC Amplifier, being an instrumentation amplifier and ac micro/milli/voltmeter for the frequency range 1Hz - 1MHz

Solartron AS757.3 and AS870.3 Variable Voltage Transistor Power Supplies (extracts)

Farnell L30 Stabilsed Voltage Supply [1963 Germanium]

'Digital' DC Voltmeter Type 251 made by Sapphire Research and Electronics, Ferndale around 1967

DEVICE DATASHEETS for a few IC's used in various receivers

SN76514 - Texas Instruments data sheet from 1973, for the mixer IC used in the FRG-7 Wadley Loop. NOTE that the SN76514 is not directly replaceable by the LM1496N, which is often claimed to be an equivalent.

U4292B DYNAS IC - Temic (Telefunken) data sheet from 1996, for the FM-IF system developed for car radios and domestic tuners

TEF6730A NXP Front-end for digital-IF car radio


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